First 3 Crucial Steps To Take If You Are Caught Up In Gunfire

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If you are unfortunate enough to be caught up in a shooting, gang fight or a crime scene in an area you live in then this guide will give you some basic tips on how to be safe. Most civilians think that this type of knowledge is extreme and deem it unnecessary however, there is no harm in knowing what to do in such a situation should you ever be caught in one. Read on to find out more details.

General safety

Whether you are in your own neighborhood or traveling to unknown destinations, it is important to do a background check and avoid any places where gun violence is rampant or other areas such as war zones. In case you find yourself in an unsafe environment such as this it would help you to know a few facts about guns, what type of sounds good cometa air rifles give out, whether the gunshots you hear are from multiple guns or just one. It is good to know the difference between concealment and covers, while covers will obstruct the bullets from striking you, concealment will only block the shooters viewpoint but not the bullets.

Taking cover

In the event of gunfire close to you, take cover instantly. It does not matter where the gunshots are heard from, but take cover that is closest to you. Covers can even be a gutter or a fire hydrant close by but as long as it does not expose you, you will be safe for a few seconds until you decide on your next move. In case there is no cover at all, your best bet would be to drop to the ground and crawl your way as flat as possible to anything that will conceal or cover you. Almost make sure to keep your head down as air rifle pellets are less likely to hit you directly at such a range even if the shooter aims at you specifically.

Assess the situation

Try to be as calm as possible and think clearly about what your next move is from your current position. Try to evaluate which direction the gunshots are coming from, does it sound like a machine gun? Have you been injured? How far is the next cover or concealment from you and farthest from the shooter? A quick assessment of these questions will guide you on what your next action will be. You have to decide on whether you should move or not based on what you feel the danger is to you.