Stay Safe – Surf Smart

Surfing is a very popular sport, so much so that an entire culture has evolved around it, a culture that celebrates the passion of this magnificent sport and hobby through its language, music and attire. It is not uncommon to see someone strolling down the street casually adorned in their favourite surf t-shirts or casual surf dresses. Though is this modern culture that celebrates its favourite sport in such way fully aware of the dangers of their beloved past-time?

Some dangers that are involved in surfing consist of drowning, collisions, rip currents and dangers caused by the seabed or marine life. Like every form of water sport, surfing carries the danger of drowning, it is very important to ensure that any surfer is first equipped with adequate swimming skills before even attempting to learn the sport. Collisions are not uncommon and in fact account for around 66% of surfing injuries. Under the wrong conditions this is a more likely and terrifying occurrence.Though not nearly as common a concern as drowning or collisions, marine animals are also a cause for concern for surfers. Some of the animals may present a danger. It is important to stay vigilant and keep an eye out for marine life while out surfing. Rip currents are very dangerous as they can pull a surfer into their channel and away from the shore; they are difficult to spot and can sweep away tired or inexperienced surfers or swimmers. The seabed itself can even be dangerous for surfers, if a surfer falls while riding a wave, he or she will generally be dragged under the surface of the water. Surfers have been seriously injured and even killed from violent collisions with the seabed. It is important not only to equip yourself with your favourite surf t-shirts, wet suit, sunscreen and Byron Bay surfboard hire, but to make sure you are equipped also with knowledge of the dangers of surfing and how to avoid or escape them. 

When you are on the internet searching for your new casual surf dresses or other surf clothes online, it is a great idea to invest some time in researching your favourite surfing locations. There are a number of resources online that provide information to surfers about tides, weather and precautions.

Surfing is a great sport both for professionals and those just looking for something exciting to do with their leisure time, but as with any activity it is important to understand not only the good points, but the dangers of your chosen hobby. Taking the time to learn about the dangers and arming yourself with a wealth of safety knowledge may just save your life the next time you head out into the swell.